Water Beat

Established in 2012, Water Beat is a water treating company that guaranties nothing but high quality services and products. With over 12 years of experience in the filed we aim to be your go-to company when you need to “beat” the bacteria out of your water.

We have been the perfect example of integrity and commitment thanks to the numerous projects that we handled and it is with the trust of our clients that we grew.

We aim to make every drop count! Using recent technologies we cover everything related to water treatment and purification.

We also take care of the installation of: swimming pools, Jacuzzi and fountains in addition to water treatment systems and solar heating systems.

We design and manufacture the best water treatment plans. Our line of products works in harmony with our services to grant you the best experience and the best of results.

We handle our work seriously to deliver nothing but the best.

You can find the following products in our selling points:

• Water filters, cartridge filters & fountains.
• PVC accessories.
• Stainless steel accessories.
• Chemicals For swimming pools.
• Solar heating for swimming pools.
• Swimming Pool Equipment.
• Water treatment systems.